Testimonials for Dr. Draper

Here is what some patients have to say about Dr. Draper

Dr. Draper is a caring, trustworthy, and fabulous Orthodontist. I trust him with the patient’s I have referred to him. My dental patients report that they love their new orthodontist and are so happy with the care they receive. They are so happy with the result of their smile and have such increased confidence in themselves. Most can’t seem to stop smiling! Dr Draper has treated my wife and very close friends and they could not be happier. But most of all, I am happy with my new smile as a result of his dedication. I absolutely encourage people to see Dr. Draper for a new wonderful smile!

Conway Jensen DDS – A Children’s Dentist

Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

Our experience with Dr. Draper has been fabulous! Dr. Draper has always been a true professional and he has always made our comfort and care his top priority. He has always considered the very best alternatives for us to get the very best results. We can’t wait to work with him more in the future! He’s the BEST!

Kristen S.

Dr. Draper is an exceptional orthodontist! He cares. He listens. He is meticulous and thorough. We have kids with great smiles because of him!

Lori V.

Our first phase of treatment was more successful than I imagined; Dr. Draper helped create room in our son’s mouth that we didn’t even know was possible. Dr. Draper also did a great job communicating with my son as the patient and with me as the parent! We look forward to the next phase of treatment for our son…only at the hands of Dr. Draper.

A. Pierce

I am so glad my son had an evaluation done by Dr. Draper, early on. We now have an idea about what will be needed for Orthodontic care and plan for this. Dr. Draper explained things so well to us. He is who I want my child to have braces done by!

Parent of a Patient

I worked for Dr. Draper for a couple of years and am a better person because of it! His commitment to patients was so impressive to me. Dr. Draper always strives to give the patient what he would give his own family, having their best interest at heart. He showed this by expecting excellence of himself and his staff.

What also impressed me was how Dr. Draper cared about the patient’s ENTIRE oral health and would work with their dentist to ensure patients were keeping up on their oral hygiene. I had the pleasure of seeing many of his patients complete treatment looking amazing!

I have been in the dental field for over 20 years and have worked with many different dentists and specialist. Dr. Draper is one I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for an Orthodontist who is going to treat people fairly and give the best Orthodontic care!

Sandy C.

Dr. Draper was extremely fun and very professional. My son enjoyed his appointments and has a fantastic smile. Dr. Draper shoots for smile perfection! Thanks so much.

Jennifer H.

Dr. Draper is a great guy. He always was interested in me and asked about school and the sports I was playing. He made me feel like I was important and not just another kid in braces. Dr. Draper rocks!


Dr. Draper put braces on my teeth when I was 56. I was old enough to be a GREAT patient and was diligent wearing rubber bands etc. The result is beautiful and did not take very long! Thankful for the change and how much easier it is to keep my teeth clean and taken care of.

Deborah D.

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