Surgical Treatments

Surgical Orthodontics



If the jaws don’t meet together correctly and if the teeth don’t fit together with the jaws, an underlying skeletal orthodontic problem may be present. The face also may not appear symmetrical which can result in patients not liking how the face looks. The jaws and teeth may have grown that way during childhood development or an injury may have been sustained. An orthodontist is limited in the distance they can move teeth within the bone which supports them and so a combined team approach with an oral surgeon becomes necessary to fully address the problem. Whatever the reason for the skeletal discrepancy, the teeth and facial bones can be surgically repositioned to create a more balanced appearance and jaws that will work well together. The surgical treatment is performed on adults and teens after the jaws are fully developed and growth is complete.

As a team we will work closely with an oral surgeon to develop a treatment plan which addresses the dental and skeletal orthodontic problems. Dr. Draper will use braces initially to move your teeth into the correct position on the upper and lower arches. They are moved into the position required to fit together properly after the surgery is completed. Your oral surgeon, specially trained in this type of corrective jaw surgery, repositions your jaws to improve the bite and create a more balanced appearance. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes in how your face looks and feels.