Before and After




Treatment Time


Mild Spacing Malalignment

Treatment Time: 15 Months


Under bite / Anterior crossbite

Treatment Time: 13 Months


Severe Crowding

Treatment Time: 22 Months
This 12 year old Hispanic girl was ashamed of her smile due to her severe crowding and protrusive teeth.
It was fun and rewarding watching this pretty girl’s self esteem and self confidence improve as she progressed through treatment. Her mother was very emotional the day the braces came off, but you couldn’t keep her daughter from smiling!!


Protruded Class II bite/Flared teeth

Treatment time: 13 months in Herbst functional appliance, followed by 16 months in braces
This 11 year old boy was being picked on at school because of his “Buck Teeth”. His treatment plan included a functional appliance to encourage lower jaw growth and forward movement of the lower teeth, followed by a phase of braces after all the permanent teeth were in.


Adult Spacing/Deep bite

Treatment Time: 17 Months
This 56 yr old patient’s chief concern was her large midline space and narrow smile.


Adult Treatment—Deep bite and Cross bite #1

Treatment Time: 18 Months
This is a 49 year old female patient with a severe deep bite, a complete lingual cross bite (all of the patients lower teeth were completely inside of the top teeth on the left side), and severe wear was evident on the top two front teeth caused by grinding due to the severity of the bite. However her chief complaint was TMJ problems caused by lack of support in her bite!
Her dentist placed crowns on the two top front teeth and the combined results were life-changing.


Open bite

Treatment Time: 15 Months
This 14 year old female wanted to be able to touch her front teeth and be confident in her smile.
This treatment plan required full braces and orthognathic surgery of the upper jaw to reposition it.


Open bite

Treatment Time: 13 Months
This was 22 year old male dental student who wanted his bite corrected. He presented with severe open bite from his left second molar to his right first molar. Although there was some overlap of the left central incisors, they were not in contact.
The treatment plan consisted of full braces with Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS) placed between the upper 2nd premolars and 1st molars on both the tongue and cheek sides of the mouth. Small springs and elastic chains were then used to provide an intrusive or upward force on the upper back teeth.


Impacted Canines

Treatment Time: 24 months
Impacted canines can be difficult if not diagnosed early. This 15 year was unhappy with the spacing between his teeth and not liking the look of his smile. His bite was also very deep and he and his parents were completely unaware of the retained baby canines and the impacted permanent canines.
The treatment plan was full braces, extraction of the baby canines, and exposure and bonding of the permanent canines. Gentle forces were then used to provide forced extrusion until the canines were brought into the arch and smile.